Subotica, winner of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, commissioned by owners.
Melchior and Lavinia Fabre, commissioned by their parents, Andre and Elizabeth Fabre
Many of Jean's sculptures originated as a commission for a special customer and with their permission, a casting may be available for purchase through Atelier West or exhibitions and art auctions.
Each sculpture commission is done specifically for the customer, limiting the edition to their requested size plus an artist proof for Jean's private collection. Jean researches the subject and takes reference photos herself, and the original model is approved by the customer before the casting process begins. With the foundry skills she has learned working throughout the US and Europe, Jean is able to do the finishing in metal herself, to guarantee every detail is true to the approved original. The mold is destroyed upon completion of the edition, to assure the client that they won't find unauthorized castings in a gallery or other private collections.
Regent's Folly and foal in silver, done for Lord and Lady Roborough, Taunton, England designed to fit as a centerpiece for their table setting
Special Commissions.......
Concours d'Elegance was the trophy for that competition at the Upperville (Virginia) Horse Show until they discontinued the driving division. Now available, this is #1 of only 5 castings
Roedown Races, featuring the Clagett family silks, done for Christy Clagett